What Is The Best Water Filter 2016


The best water filter should tick all the boxes for the following prerequisites:

Be able to provide an exceptional filtration standard and be able to remove toxins that have been shown to cause illness.

The best water filter should assist your body’s own natural healing abilities by removing harmful heavy metals, bacteria, and other contaminants.

It should be thoroughly tested and approved for efficiency and filtration standards

The best water filter should add trace minerals that are essential to balance and health.

It should be easy to install, maintain and use.

The best water filter should be affordable for everybody, and not be ridiculously priced in the thousands of dollars

These are the exact reasons why we nominate the Ultrastream to be the best water filter

The Ultrastream works exactly like nature, it filters, alkalizes, and naturally energizes water, returning it to its natural pristine state

The Ultrastream filters up to 99.9% of all tap water contaminants and its unique 8 plates of filtration have been laboratory tested for efficiency.

Its the only water ionizer in the world awarded with stringent European Union Certification.

It infuses each glass with massive amounts of molecular hydrogen, which has been scientifically proven to have powerful anti inflammatory, anti aging, and antioxidant activity. Hydrogen infused water is the newest technological advance in water filtration today.

Alkaline Water Machine

Adds magnesium, calcium, and trace minerals for perfect ph balance.

It has a 3 year warranty and out performs electric ionizers costing thousands of dollars more.

At 7 cents per liter it’s affordable for everybody

Its compact in size, works very simply, requires no power and produces no waste water.

If you’ve had trouble drinking water due to experiencing an awful taste, stickiness, and have difficulty swallowing water then the Ultrastream is for you. Once you try water filtered by the Ultrastream you simply won’t be able to go back.

Ultrastream transforms tap water into a scientifically proven ‘super water’ that supports your health-and benefits your whole family.
Turn ordinary tap water into an ocean of antioxidants and unleash the therapeutic power of water with the Ultrastream. The best water filter.

Contact us and order your Ultrastream today!


How Water Can Affect Your Health


How Water Can Affect Your Health

The importance of water for optimal health cannot be underestimated. .

There are many ways in which water can affect your health.

Without sufficient water your body can literally begin to shut down. Your body’s ability to function optimally is dependent on water.

Water can affect health positively in diverse ways. Here are some awesome examples:

  • Our muscles are composed of approximately 75% water. Thus proper hydration can lead to better athletic performance. If you are dehydrated this can result in electrolyte imbalance, weakness, and muscle fatigue.
  • You become more dehydrated as you age and water keeps your skin looking vital. Dry, wrinkled skin, and accelerated signs of aging can be the result of not enough hydration. dry wrinkled
  • Water keeps your kidneys healthy as they filter waste products from cellular metabolism. When you are drinking sufficient water your urine is clear and non odorous. If however your urine is concentrated, dark, and has a strong smell, this could indicate that your kidneys need more water to do their job of cleansing efficiently. Water is also important for preventing kidney stones.
  • Water can have an impact in your ability to lose weight. Water is required to flush out wastes from the body, and proper hydration allows elimination of byproducts of digestion. Not drinking enough water often results in constipation, and can be a contributing factor in fluid retention, slow metabolism, and obesity.
  • Water can make you think more clearly and feel more energized. One of waters foremost actions is to help carry essential nutrients and oxygen in the blood to vital organs such as the brain. If you are not properly hydrated, you may be deprived of sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients required for optimal function. Dehydration is associated with symptoms of fatigue, irbrain1ritability and brain fog.

Water is a vital fluid that can help you reach your highest health potential. Are you drinking enough of the right water?




What Is The Best Type of Water?

woman drinking water

What Is The Best Type of Water

Health conscious people are always keen to learn how to make the best food and lifestyle choices.

But with over 70% of our body constituting water, should we also be concerned with what is the best type of water?

Let’s look at some common options:

  1. Tap Water: many credible authorities reveal that most municipal water sources contain chemicals that are extremely destructive to human health. Such as, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) like herbicides, and pesticides. Residues of pharmaceutical drugs, unknown amounts of fluoride, heavy metals, and endocrine disruptive chemicals are also a very common and a seemingly acceptable finding.
  2. Bottled Water: dangerous chemicals have been found to ‘leech’ from plastic into water, which is very concerning. A very expensive option, and many brands have been found to be no different than actual tap water.bottled water
  3. Reverse Osmosis: is a water purification method that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles from drinking water. It will remove a large amount of contaminants which is good however, it also strips the water of all beneficial trace minerals. It is extremely slow, and is considered wasteful because it can drain up to 4 liters of water for every liter of filtered water produced (waste ratio)
  4. Ceramic Urns: have a very slow flow rate, approximately 1-3 litres per hour. The set up is fragile and urns can break or crack easily. Hairline cracks can be a cause of build up bacteria and therefore many manufacturers recommend replacement every two years
  5. Ionizers: infuse water with health promoting negative ions. This has an powerful antioxidant effect which assists the body in many ways such as, anti aging and speeds up healing. Previously ionizers required electricity, however due to technological advances that is a thing of the past.
  6. Alkaline Water Machines: both filter and, add minerals. This is considered ‘alkaline water’. Ph will vary according to source water. Minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium naturally buffer acidity. With most people predominantly eating a diet that leaves an acidic residue in the body, alkaline water rich in minerals helps keep the body’s mineral reserves in healthy balance.
  7. Hydrogen Infuser: the newest technological advance in water filtration. Produces ‘molecular hydrogen rich water’ which has anti oxidant, anti inflammatory effects. With over 350 scientific studies to support its effects, ‘hydrogen infused water’ is slowly coming into public limelight. Hydrogen water

In this limited summary we have only briefly outlined what would be most useful for you to know regarding what is the best type of water.

With this basic of information, you can appreciate why the Ultrastream is considered the most affordable and technologically advanced water filter!

We believe that everybody has the right to afford, and have access the best type of water which promotes optimal health! Find our more here…