About Us

We have been an advocator of hydrogen rich alkaline water for a number of years now. Our focus on complementary health and our dedication to help others has led us to the creation of this site. Our intention is that this site can serve as a resource of information on health and wellbeing in general.

Alkaline Ionized water has significantly impacted our health and the health of family and friends. This in turn gives us the motivation to continually spread the importance of alkalizing and energizing the body. Nothing brings us more joy then seeing peoples health rapidly improve once they start drinking this amazing water.  We have also been witness to both family and friends’ relief  of many degenerative diseases simply by the addition of drinking hydrogen rich, microclustered, mineralized alkaline water

Our Mission

Our aim is to teach people about a new way of approaching health. We would like everyone to experience the difference felt when your body is in a constant state of alkalinity. Living in a society where an acid lifestyle is inevitable, drinking alkaline ionized water could be your main line of defense. According to some medical practitioners there is only to ways to live…The old acid way of endless illness, exhaustion & disease or the alkaline way.

Our Values

  • We aspire to give you the highest customer service humanly possible.
  • Our business philosophy is primarily based on honesty and integrity.
  • We are consistently searching for new ways to educate and promote our alternative health solutions.
  • Respect for every individual and their individuality.