How Can Water Help Depression?

Whether water can help depression sounds like an odd consideration, at first.

It’s an amazing fact that our brain consists of approximately 80% water. And thus not drinking enough water may result in dehydration.

With our brain requiring such a high percentage, dehydration will affect the brains ability to function optimally.

Conditions such as depression can have many causative factors.

It would be naive not to consider aspects of  allergy, inflammation, a traumatic emotional event, neurotransmitter and nutrient deficiency, as insignificant.

However, water is a basic necessity for healthy brain function, so drinking sufficient water should be seen as a priority for anyone who is depressed.

People experiencing depression often times try to compensate for their low mood and energy by drinking large amounts of caffeine to get through the day.

For some people it can create anxiety and actually worsen depression symptoms. And that is because among several detrimental effects, caffeine acts as a diuretic and contributes to dehydration. Thus starving the brain of essential amounts of water that it needs.

Alcohol is also used frequently to ease symptoms of depression. Alcohol, like caffeine, is a diuretic.

These common diuretics also flush out essential minerals possibly further accentuating symptoms of depression.

Take for example magnesium. Most people experiencing depression are severely deficient in this mineral.

Magnesium has over 300 effects in the body. From helping ease tension, involved with relaxation of muscles, and other many other ‘soothing’ effects that would benefit someone experiencing depression.

Did you know that the Ultra-stream water filter includes magnesium and other minerals in a soluble form?

What about drinking the right type of water? Certain contaminants such as lead in tap water have been linked with damaging the nervous system. Therefore you can see how important a filter that removes this toxin becomes to a person who is experiencing depression.

Just by these few points we briefly explained, you can see how important water could be in helping ease symptoms of depression.

Find out why we choose the Ultrastream as our daily ally in creating health!

Louie Veleski

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