Can Water Prevent Complications Of Diabetes?


People with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, often experience numerous blood glucose imbalances throughout their typical day.

These imbalances can lead to long term complications such as blindness, kidney failure, and limb amputations.

Can a particular type of water and proper hydration prevent possibility of these complications?

Let’s briefly consider how blood glucose imbalances contribute to these complications developing.

When a diabetics blood glucose levels rise they experience unquenchable thirst. This is the body’s attempt to push out the excess glucose from their bloodstream, into urine, and out of their body. Insulin helps the body utilize this glucose.

Without sufficient insulin, or insensitivity to the body’s own insulin, glucose accumulates.

Insulin and prescribed medications enable the body to come back to balance by lowering the blood glucose levels.

Experiencing prolonged and repeated high levels of glucose in the bloodstream is what causes progression of diabetic complications.

The importance of hydration is imperative for diabetics.

In conjunction with proper medication, sufficient water help the kidneys to do their job in relieving thirst, flushing our excess glucose, and hydrating cells. Quality water supports the diabetic in restoring balance.

If insufficient water is taken, this leads to concentrated urine, dehydration, mineral losses, stresses the kidneys and the heart.


Many diabetics also experience severe fatigue during and after a ‘high’, sometimes for hours afterward.

It makes common sense that filtered and contaminant free water would support the kidneys greatly during these episodes. Many diabetics report that ionized water speeds up their recovery and their natural energy returns much faster.

Another fact to consider is that diabetics require higher amounts of antioxidants, as this chronic illness is quite stressful on the entire body. It is also recognized that most diabetics are deficient in the mineral magnesium, which is responsible for over 300 bodily reactions!

The Ultrastream not only provides water that is anti oxidant in action, but mineralizes the water with alkalizing magnesium.

Thus making the Ultrastream the choice of water filter for all diabetics.

Mineral rich, antioxidant and ionized water produced by the Ultrastream could have a powerfully positive impact on the lives of millions of diabetics.


Louie Veleski

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