What Is Lemon Water Good For?

lemon waterLemon water has numerous benefits. This simple daily ritual can help everyone reduce the risk of may diseases.

The juice of this common citrus fruit contains nutrients to help keep the body in balance.

Copper, potassium, folate, magnesium, and several B group vitamins, in addition to vitamin C and bioflavanoids.

The citric acid is known to help dissolve gall bladder and kidney stones.

Yes, lemons are acidic however upon digestion, they leave behind an alkaline residue. That is the important part to understand, known as the ash residue.

Most illness is associated with excess acidity. From inflammatory states, chronic degeneration, to obesity.

In fact, most dis-eases commonly found in Western society could be greatly improved by including more dietary choices that tip the balance in favor of slight alkalinity.

Our liver works hard whilst we sleep, so lemon water is best drunk first thing in the morning.

Don’t brush your teeth straight after drinking lemon water as the acids may erode the enamel.

The reason why it’s good to wait about half an hour after drinking lemon water, it because it gives the liver a good chance to flush out toxins.

This is where lemon water can regulate metabolism and help people to lose weight.

In the book The Miracle Of Lemons, Penny Stanway M.D. writes that lemons (especially the rind) contain almost every known type of cancer preventing and cancer fighting phytochemical.

There has also been exciting research confirming the miraculous healing powers of d-limonene. A constituent found in lemons that shows an ability to block and suppress cancer.

Juicing lemons whole, including the rind, and adding a tablespoon of this elixir to water is an excellent way to fully benefit from the whole fruit. It’s not just in the juice!

It’s also significant to point out that the water needs to be filtered and free from common tap water contaminants. Otherwise, lemons healing benefits will clearly be negated.

You can definitely maximize the healing power of lemons by using the right type of water. Find out why we recommend the Ultrastream water filter here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2MRc0mwLNk


Louie Veleski

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