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Using our 15 years’ experience of water conditions all over Australia, we have created our own whole of house water filter. Available in either town or country versions, we like to have a chat with you before we recommend what we feel is the right configuration for you, talking into account water constituents, water source, and of course, budget.

Contact Leon, our whole of house water filter specialist, Now on 1300 255 292 for a customised solution.

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All whole of house filters use the same basic filter media: a combination of sediment filter, carbon filter and antibacterial ultraviolet. Filter capacity is maximised because we don’t like to change filters too often, and yet we need large filters because satisfactory performance is only achieved with a flow rate that doesn’t ‘die’ when you are in the shower and someone turns on a tap and the sink.


Our key ‘Consider this’ factors: 

1. Water source. Creek water, spring water, rainwater.. all have very different characteristics.
(a) Creek water is a prime source of bacteria mainly from faecal matter, either animal or human upstream. It can also be high in sediment especially after solid rain upstream or in the area. We take into consideration your need to be able to remove and clean a sediment filter without stress.

(b) Spring water is thought of a wonderful water, but today it’s not necessarily so. In vast areas of Australia spring water can be highly alkaline. While not a bad thing, (it has been shown to be very healthy) it often has serious effects on your hot water service, your shower rose, your kettle, and we look at alternatives to prevent accretion of calcium in this form. In other areas such as Western Australia iron can be a major component of spring water. Around our area we often find spring water to be quite acidic because of the accumulative effect of composting layers of subtropical foliage.

watertank(c) Tank water labours under another myth that water from the sky is clean. It is not, because it falls through a layer of quite mixed pollution onto a roof that is a catchall for airborne pollution (in its myriad forms), sweeping the accumulated pollution into a tank that usually accommodates at least one form of dead mammal. A recent serious problem for tank owners has been the discovery that bats (flying foxes etc) faeces carry many very serious diseases. Flying overhead, the bat faeces drop onto roofs and are washed into our drinking water tanks. As we know, in some areas thousands of bats pass overhead twice a night.


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