UltRO – Alkalizer & Ionizer Reverse Osmosis System



A Reverse Osmosis System which not only alkalizes your water but ionizes and creates the antioxidant, Molecular Hydrogen!

  • Ensures pure water in even the worst water quality areas.
  • Is capable of producing 3 times more hydrogen than top of the range electronic ionisers at 1/3 of the price.
  • Produces 8.5pH+ alkaline drinking water.
  • Gives acidic water down to 3 pH; excellent for cleansing and many other antibacterial uses.
  • Has dual tap faucet enabling production of pure, neutral water for drinking with slow-release medication.
  • Aesthetically pleasing slim-fit filter casing to reduce under-sink space requirements.
  • Ezy-replace screw in – screw out filters.
  • Same high performance alkalizing and hydrogen producing media as the UltraStream.
  • Completely made in the USA.
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Product Description

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1. The ULTRO installs undersink like all reverse osmosis systems, but it is designed for easy access to the filters.

2. Filters simply unscrew using a supplied spanner, and they all last one year, so there is no variable filter changes like the majority of RO’s.

3. The same alkalizing and ionizing media we use in the UltraStream benchtop is also in the final filter cartridge in the ULTRO. O-Dobi  slow release media is the best alkalizing, ionizing and antioxidant media in the world, converting ‘empty’ water to the best and purest alkaline ionized water possible.

ULTRO is definitely great value for a reverse osmosis system of its calibre and engineering. There is no other water ioniser on the market that has the dual capability of purity and ionizing to the level of the ULTRO.

Dual capacity also extends to the exclusive faucet that allows you to access both alkaline and acid water or mix to suit.

RO’s process water very slowly so the purified water will remain in contact with the O-Dobi beads for longer than normal, ensuring excellent pH and ORP levels.

If you have the money and the commitment to pure alkaline water, nothing comes close to ULTRO.


Filter Cartridge and Housing Dimensions: 12″ wide X 16″ tall x 5″ deep

Stages: 4 stage.

Storage Tank: 15″ tall x 10″ diameter

Pre-filter and Membrane Life: 1 Year or 1,500 gallons / Replacement Filter Set Click Here

Contaminant reduction levels you can expect:

Aluminum – 96-98%Ammonium – 80-90%Arsenic #3 – 70-80%Arsenic #5 – 98%Bacteria – 99+%Borate – 30-50%Boron – 50-70% Bromide – 90-95%Calcium – 93-98%**Cadmium – 93-97%Chloramines – 93-98%Chloride – 92-95%Chlorine – 95-98%Chromate – 85-95% Chromium 6 – 92-95%Copper – 96-98%Cyanide- 85-95%Fluoride – 92-95%Hardness (Ca and Mg) – 93-97%**Iron – 96-98% Lead – 95-98%Magnesium – 93-98%**Manganese – 96-98%Mercury – 94-97%Nitrate – 90-95%Orthophosphate – 96-98% Pesticides – 93-98%Phosphate – 95-98%Polyphosphate – 96-98%Potassium – 92-96%**Radioactivity – 93-97%Silver – 93-96% Silicate – 92-95%Silica – 80-90%Sodium – 92-98%**Sulfate- 96-98%Thiosulfate – 96-98%Zinc – 96-98%

**Eliminated by the ULTRO before the RO pH cartridge.

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