Top 3 Ways Water Can Help You Lose Weight

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Consider these top 3 ways in which water can help you lose weight:

  1. Water relieves constipation. This is a common concern for many dieters, the struggle with regular bowel motions. Having irregular bowel movements has a significant impact on the ability to lose weight. Did you know that our bowel can hold onto approximately an astonishing 2-7 kilos of fecal matter?? By drinking more water you are enabling your bowels to function properly by eliminating waste, and therefore support your weight loss efforts.
  2. The second way in which water can help you lose weight is by regulating appetite. Drinking sufficient water between meals gives you a feeling of fullness and therefore helps you curb any cravings, or can even stop you from over eating. Its common to confuse hunger for thirst. Both signals come from the same area of the brain, the hypothalamus. Knowing the difference and giving your body sufficient water first can help your weight loss efforts.hungry thirsty
  3. A third important way in which water can help you lose weight is by regulating your whole body metabolism. We all know that our body consists of over 70% water. That’s a huge percentage! And the reason for this is that water is absolutely necessary for every organ and system to be functioning optimally. From our digestion, to brain function, water contributes to our body’s ability to function efficiently on all levels..

Water can help you lose weight in these ways however, not all waters are the same. And this is something we all need to be conscious of.

Water must be pure, clean, and free of all contaminants to support your body’s wondrous ways of reaching balance, well being, and our perfect weight.

If you’re serious about weight loss, have you considered not only how much, but what type of water you’re drinking every day?

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